Hello guys! Hope you all are very well. Recently, I attended my best friend's brother's marriage and I had a lot of fun there. So here, I am sharing my outfit of that night. Amidst the growing trend of crop tops and lehenga skirts, I chose a sherwani-lehenga for that night. Since, I belong to … Continue reading OOTN 💟


Fresh Start

Love, oh my dear love! I just wanna tell you that,  my love and feelings are safely kept,  even when everytime you left.  I have grown myself strong as like earlier, I never wanna long for all your love and affection,  and all the things that I couldn't mention.  I was a kid with pure … Continue reading Fresh Start

Know Your Worth | Believe Yourself | You Are The Best 

I was just having a look on all of my posts and I felt like reblogging my first blog post! 😊

The Things I Write

Have you ever come through a point when you feel that you are good for nothing? Do you ever compare yourself with the people around you and felt bad? Have you ever failed in life? Have you ever felt that you are a waste? If so, then this blog is for you.

First, let me tell you that this is for the first time I am writing here. And guys, this is the current situation of my life. These are the circumstances I’m going through these days. So, I decided to write instead of feeling distressed.

Many a times, such situations arise in front of us when we feel bad for not succeeding in the things we are trying to do. Eventually, we end up blaming ourselves for all the mis-happenings. The situation becomes even worse when we compare ourselves with our friends, relatives or all the people around us.

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